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    Date: 28 November 2013
    Venue: University of Foreign Language Studies (UFLS) Campus, University of Danang
    Target audience: Free to all conference participants
    14:00 - 15:00 Designing a TELL environment
    by Andrew Lian

    In this workshop we will use a brainstorming approach to examine the requirements of L2 learning, determine the extent to which they are amenable to technology support and then design the structure of a basic technology-enhanced language learning support system.

    15:10 - 16:10 Practices that promote collaborative language learning abilities
    by Greg Kessler

    This workshop will guide participants through some practical activities, tasks and practices that promote collaborative language learning abilities through the use of new media. The presenter will help participants create contexts that encourage all students to actively engage in a variety of collaborative project based activities.

    16:20 - 17:20 Publishing your research in CALL
    by Glenn Stockwell

    This workshop is aimed towards teachers who are still relatively new to the publishing process, and would like to publish in journals related to Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL). It introduces the publishing process, outlining the steps from emergence of an idea through to the publication of an article.

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    Conference participants should receive a password to enter the presentation slides and virtual section of the site either by email or at the conference. You can enter the course here.

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