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ID : 316
Original submission :
Title : The Effects of Using Nonnative Speakers' Improvements for EFL: Influential Affective Factors
Type : Paper (25 minutes)
Category : Individual session
Abstract :

In order to benefit from language learning at the university level, it is desirable for students to have undergone positive language learning experiences in junior high school (JHS) and senior high school (SHS). Previous studies have underscored the importance of motivating for language learning in JHS, suggesting that learners’ self-esteem may affect their experiences for language learning in higher education. Our study examined whether observing improvements in nonnative students motivated Japanese EFL learners who had either positive or negative previous learning histories. Specifically, we used two tools to achieve this goal: videos of performances of former students and visual demonstrations of changes in TOEIC scores of past students. Fifty-six college students participated in the study, and a questionnaire was conducted both before and after the videos and visual demonstrations. A cluster analysis identified two groups, according to experiences in language learning. Finally, statistical analysis indicated that each group scored higher in attitude and extrinsic elements after the demonstrations. The results confirmed that, regardless of students’ language learning experiences, these tools were useful and educational in developing positive attitudes and raising expectations for TOEIC preparation or speaking courses.

Keywords : Japanese EFL learners, videos demonstration, TOEIC, quantitative analysis, learning experience
Conference theme : Managing multimedia/hypermedia environments
Presentation times :
Main presenter : Ms. Yasuko Okada
Name order :
Affiliation : Saitama Women's Junior College (Saitama, JAPAN)
Email address :
Biography :

Yasuko Okada holds an MA in Japanese Language and Linguistics from the University of Washington, Seattle. She currently lectures at Seisen University and Saitama Women’s Junior College. Her research interests include the application of new technologies to foreign language education, mixed methods research, and classroom-oriented research.

Co-presenters : Co-presenter (2) : Dr. Takafumi Sawaumi (Ryutsu Keizai University (Japan)) Co-presenter (3) : Dr. Takehiko Ito (Wako University (Japan))
Added by :
Date added : Thursday, 7 March 2019, 9:55 AM [JST]
Date modified : Saturday, 27 July 2019, 8:11 PM [JST]
Message from the
Vetting Committee :
Peer review :
Submission status : Accepted
Schedule number : 327-P
Schedule day : Aug 10th (Sat)
Schedule time : 12: 30 - 12: 55
Schedule duration : 25 mins
Schedule room name : B101
Schedule room seats : 40 seats
Schedule audience :