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ID : 399
Original submission :
Title : Using Information Technology in Reflective Practice to Enhance English Speaking Skill
Type : Paper (25 minutes)
Category : Individual session
Abstract :

In recent years, the development of information technology has brought about a lot of positive changes in methods of language teaching and made significant innovations in terms of educational quantity and quality.  In learning English speaking skill, it is vital for learners to take a back look to what they did. Through reflection teachers and students are able to not just look on the past experience and made some necessary changes. This paper is aimed to investigate the benefits and challenges of using information technology in Reflective Practice to enhance speaking skill for English major students and find out some technology-assisted strategies to support this. A set of questionnaire and open questions were administered among 60 English major students at Hanoi Law University and 10 teachers from 3 universities who have ever taught English speaking skill. The findings showed that the conscious reflection helped learners in solving the problems in learning speaking skill  with the  technology-assisted strategies related to Collaborative learning, Experiential learning, Flipped learning, Project-Based Learning, and e-learning through social networks, learning software and websites. 

Keywords : Reflective practice, reflection, technology, reflective learning, reflective teaching
Conference theme : Application of technology to the language classroom
Presentation times :
Main presenter : Ms. Thu Nguyen
Name order :
Affiliation : Nguyễn Thi Hong Thu (Ha Noi, Vietnam)
Email address :
Biography :

Nguyen Thi Hong Thu is currently working as a lecturer of English at Hanoi Law University. She graduated from Vinh university and earned MA degree  at University of languages and international studies, Viet Nam national university. She has taught English for 10 years. Her teaching areas of interests are English for Specific Purposes, English Literature, Intercultural communication Competence, Reflective practice, Teacher development, CALL, English teaching methodology.

Co-presenters :
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Date added : Saturday, 16 March 2019, 1:11 AM [JST]
Date modified : Tuesday, 14 May 2019, 6:38 PM [JST]
Message from the
Vetting Committee :
Peer review :
Submission status : Accepted
Schedule number : 229-P
Schedule day : Aug 9th (Fri)
Schedule time : 12: 05 - 12: 30
Schedule duration : 25 mins
Schedule room name : B102
Schedule room seats : 40 seats
Schedule audience :