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ID : 425
Original submission :
Title : Investigating the best practices in the training to use ICT by teacher trainees within classrooms between two Universities in Malaysia and Vietnam using Vedung's Taxonomy on policy instruments
Type : Virtual presentation
Category : Individual session
Abstract :

This is a comparative case study between a Malaysian and Vietnamese university. This study aims to investigate the best practices when teaching pre-service teachers how to incorporate technology during language teaching. The comparative study was done to investigate how the managers of both universities encouraged its teaching staff to use ICT to teach the pre-service teachers despite the lack of certain infrastructure. Vietnam was as a comparison with Malaysia for this study. This is due to the rapid growth of technology implementation in Vietnam’s education system. Furthermore, with both Malaysia and Vietnam having similar learning preference (Yang & Lin, 2009), a comparison between both nations may yield more reliable findings. The administrator and lecturer of both universities were interviewed, using questions derived from the implementation staircase to ascertain what were the best practices implemented. The data collected indicated the use of certain regulatory methods that the managers of both universities used to encourage the use of ICT in the classroom. The regulatory methods while different, possess best practices that can be adapted to improve how ICT implementation in the classroom is taught to the teacher trainees.

Keywords : policy implementation, teacher training, comparative studies
Conference theme :
Presentation times :
Main presenter : Mr. Alvin Auh
Name order :
Affiliation : Universiti Malaysia Sabah (Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia)
Email address :
Biography :
Co-presenters : Co-presenter (2) : Dr. Choon Keong TAN (Faculty of Psychology and Education, Universiti Malaysia Sabah) Co-presenter (3) : Dr. KeanWah LEE (University of Nottingham Malaysia)
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Date added : Thursday, 28 March 2019, 12:29 AM [JST]
Date modified : Wednesday, 7 August 2019, 12:27 AM [JST]
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Submission status : Accepted
Schedule number : 411-V
Schedule day : Virtual Presentations
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