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ID : 437
Original submission :
Title : Construction of roles and identities in a new teaching and learning space: A case study of tertiary wiki writing class at Hue University
Type : Paper (25 minutes)
Category : Individual session
Abstract :

While teaching methods have been a sustained focus of research into application of new online technology to the English language classroom, the development of multiple roles and identities in a new teaching and learning space has received relatively little attention. Drawing on a case study of three EFL wiki writing classes at Hue University, this paper explores how the introduction of wiki as a new platform for writing induces negotiation and construction of teacher identity when the teacher of the writing classes faces a clash of traditional and new teaching climates. Using qualitative case study methodology, the paper shows how the teacher evidently and continuously constructs multiple roles and identities when in both the traditional class, which operates alongside with other classes at the same level in the institution, and on wiki. Emerging issues relating to reconfiguration of learner identity on wiki and how that relates to the negotiation and construction of teacher identity, are also revealed in the paper. The paper concludes with insights into the potential contribution of wiki writing experiences to classroom roles and identities.

Keywords : Wiki writing, teacher identity, learner identity, classroom roles and identities, negotiation and construction of identity
Conference theme : Application of technology to the language classroom
Presentation times :
Main presenter : Dr. Hong-Anh Pham
Name order :
Affiliation : Hue University (Hue, Vietnam)
Email address :
Biography :

Dr Pham Hong-Anh is a lecturer of English at University of Foreign Languages, Hue University. She is acting as Head of Linguistics Section at English Department. She holds a PhD in Applied Linguistics from Massey University, New Zealand. Her major research areas includes teacher identity, learner identity, Web 2.0, and pedagogical innovation.

Co-presenters :
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Date added : Friday, 29 March 2019, 11:28 PM [JST]
Date modified : Tuesday, 14 May 2019, 10:21 PM [JST]
Message from the
Vetting Committee :
Peer review :
Submission status : Accepted
Schedule number : 215-P
Schedule day : Aug 9th (Fri)
Schedule time : 10: 55 - 11: 20
Schedule duration : 25 mins
Schedule room name : A103
Schedule room seats : 30 seats
Schedule audience :