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ID : 449
Original submission :
Title : Corpus-based Web Tools: How Can They Be Manipulated for Study in Language Patterns
Type : Paper (25 minutes)
Category : Individual session
Abstract :

The introduction of Internet and the emergence of available web resources have facilitated endless efforts by language teachers to do research in language patterns. Web resources in general and corpus tools in particular have enabled large samples of language to be explored for better insights into the nature of language in use in all its forms and its uses. While corpora are generally inclined to the work of lexicographers whose job is to inform dictionaries or grammar books, arguments may have arisen around why such end-users as language teachers and learners cannot make use of these innovative tools. This paper adds to this on-going debate by discussing approaches to using corpora as a reference point for language teaching and research. It shows potentials of manipulating common data-driven web tools for research in language patterns and explores some pathways for language teachers to explore aspects of language in use through authentic texts. Results revealed from corpus search via COCA and BNC and generalizations made from the manipulated data - grammatical metaphor in this case - can further showcase the inexhaustible implications of using web resources for enhanced language teaching and research.

Keywords : web resource; corpus tools; corpus data; language patterns; grammatical metaphor
Conference theme : Application of technology to the language classroom
Presentation times :
Main presenter : Giao Chi Le
Name order :
Affiliation : Giao Chi LE (Danang, Vietnam)
Email address :
Biography :

Dr. Giao Chi Le is Dean of Foreign Language Teacher Education, University of Foreign Language Studies - University of Danang. She got her PhD in English linguistics at University of the West of England in 2014. Her research areas are innovative English language teaching, PBL, corpus linguistics and translation studies.   

Co-presenters :
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Date added : Sunday, 31 March 2019, 1:53 AM [JST]
Date modified : Wednesday, 15 May 2019, 12:14 AM [JST]
Message from the
Vetting Committee :
Peer review :
Submission status : Accepted
Schedule number : 252-P
Schedule day : Aug 9th (Fri)
Schedule time : 16: 20 - 16: 45
Schedule duration : 25 mins
Schedule room name : A103
Schedule room seats : 30 seats
Schedule audience :