Virtual Presentations

Facilitating cultural exchange and fostering 21st century skills among non-English majors using Skype in the Classroom

by Nguyen Dieu Ngoc, Vilma Badua - Liwan, Mai T. Phuong Thao

The presentation reports on the result of using Skype in the Classroom to facilitate cultural exchange and foster 21st-century skills among non-English majors at Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology. The WHY, WHAT and HOW will be discussed in the presentation. The Why deals with the reason for the implementation of virtual cultural exchange and for the teaching of 21st-century skills. The What introduces 21st-century skills framework used in this study, Skype in the Classroom platform, and student activities. The How will show the audience the findings of the research after talking about research participants and data collection tools.

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Archive (RAR) GLoCALL-2019.Nguyen-Dieu-Ngoc.rar