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Main presenter
Dr. Eunjeong PARK
Sunchon National University (Teacher, South Korea)
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Exploring Preservice Teachers’ Experiences and Perceptions of Flipped Learning in the COVID-19 Era
Presentation abstract
This mixed-methods study explored preservice teachers’ experiences and perceptions of flipped learning in the COVID-19 era. Thirty Korean EFL preservice teachers (the age range is 22-24) participated in survey research; fifteen of them joined the interviews in this study. For data analysis, survey data were analyzed along with descriptive statistics (e.g., means, standard deviation, and percentage). Then, thematic analysis was used to analyze the interview data. Thematic analysis is useful in exploring recurring themes and patterns in qualitative research. The findings revealed that the preservice teachers deeply considered flipped learning as useful for self-regulation and autonomy. They also discussed the advantages and challenges of flipped learning. In terms of online sessions for previewing, however, they perceived the need for instant feedback from their professor and interactions with their peers. Lastly, the preservice teachers argued that the online sessions before the class should be closely connected to their learning in class. Pedagogical implications are also discussed in this study.
Original submission
flipped learning, teacher education, language education, mixed methods research
Training language teachers in e-learning environments
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Eunjeong Park
Submitted: Friday, 2 July 2021, 7:14 PM [JST]
Modified: Thursday, 14 October 2021, 1:15 PM [JST]
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