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Islamic University, Kushtia, Bangladesh (Kushtia, Bangladesh)
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The Impact of the Podcast (BBC Sounds) to Raise Metacognitive Awareness in Developing L2 Listening Comprehension among Bangladeshi Undergraduate Learners
Presentation abstract
Drawing on Vandergrift’s (2006) metacognitive awareness raising listening questionnaire and using podcast technology to expedite undergraduate L2 listening comprehension this study was to explore if podcast helped learners develop listening comprehension and metacognitive awareness. The purpose of this study examined i) does a podcast, BBC sounds, play role in improving learners’ listening comprehension, ii) to what extent does the relationship between listening comprehension and metacognitive awareness help learners improve learning? To apprehend the research objectives, twenty Bangladeshi undergraduate EFL learners in the experimental group (n = 10) and the control group (n = 10) attended the intervention for five weeks during the pandemic. Participants of the experimental group received metacognitive instruction attending five transactional listening texts from the podcast, BBC Sounds, and performed on the worksheets designed on the pedagogical sequence (Vandergrift and Goh, 2012). Simultaneously, participants of the control group attended the same podcasts texts but the traditional product-based approach and performed the worksheets with comprehension questions. Both groups attended pre-test, post-test and two metacognitive awareness listening questionnaires (MALQ) before and after the intervention. The quantitative method research embodied the notion of triangulation for this study. Using one-way within-subjects ANOVA, the result revealed that there was a positive correlation (r= 0.63) between metacognitive awareness and L2 listening comprehension accounted for the total variance in the data. This study implied that podcasts could help learners to develop and be used by teachers to guide them systematically.
Original submission
L2 listening comprehension, podcast, MALQ, metacognitive awareness
Application of technology to the language classroom
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Azran Azmee Kafia
Submitted: Sunday, 29 August 2021, 7:22 AM [JST]
Modified: Friday, 17 December 2021, 3:06 PM [JST]
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