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Main presenter
Prof. TON My Nhat Ton Nu
Duy Tan University (Da Nang, Viet Nam)
Presenter [2]
Dr. LE Van Thinh Banking Academy of Vietnam, Phu Yen Campus
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The effects of online asynchronous forum discussions on students’ deep learning
Presentation abstract
During the pandemic, some teachers tried to use video conferencing tools such as Zoom, or Google Meet to organize synchronous video meetings with students and present their lessons, but do not sustain asynchronous forum discussions. The study examined the effects of asynchronous forum discussions on the learners’ autonomy and their deep learning. The study employed two groups: the controlled group with optional asynchronous forum discussions and the experimental group with compulsory asynchronous forum discussions about the lessons that students learnt synchronously with their teachers. Participants were 92 undergraduate students studying phonetics and phonology at a university in Vietnam. Findings showed that more students in the compulsory forum discussion group posted their discussions than those in the optional group. In addition, students in the experimental group could develop their deep learning. The findings suggest some pedagogical implications for teachers to sustain students’ deep learning.
Original submission
forum, asynchronous discussions, online teaching
Fostering autonomous learning through technology
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My Nhat Ton Nu Ton
Submitted: Monday, 30 August 2021, 10:36 AM [JST]
Modified: Monday, 30 August 2021, 10:36 AM [JST]
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