Presentation Proposals for GLoCALL 2021

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Main presenter
Hosei University (Tokyo, Japan)
Presenter [2]
Mr. Matthew COTTER Hokusei Gakuen University Junior College
Presenter [3]
Mr. Thom RAWSON Nagasaki International University
Presenter [4]
Mr. Andrew JOHNSON Future University Hakodate
Presenter [5]
Mr. Adam JENKINS Shizuoka Institute of Science and Technology
Presentation details
Presentation title
How to ensure your students can interact with students in many other countries
Presentation abstract
Do you want your students to interact with students from other countries? If the answer is “yes” - join this workshop! The phrase "Global community" is used often but experienced by few. The International Virtual Exchange Project (IVEProject) is changing that. Over the last 6 years some 24,000 students from 22 countries interacted online via this project. Students have authentic communication with non-native speakers, negotiate meaning and acquire skills essential to developing better communication. Employers appreciate students with a better understanding of non-native English as this will be the language they will communicate in in the coming century. In this workshop, the project will be outlined and results from research done on participating students presented. The research shows students with low levels of English ability increase their interactional confidence, intercultural sensitivity, knowledge of their own culture, gain motivation to learn English, and are more interested in other cultures after participating. The free-of-charge IVEProject is sponsored by the Japanese government. Participants in this workshop will learn: how they and their students can participate; about recent developments that help teachers and students participate more easily such as the development of the student dashboard, the advanced forum report and the forum metrics.
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International communication, IVEProject, Virtual Exchange
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Eric Hagley
Submitted: Monday, 30 August 2021, 7:53 PM [JST]
Modified: Monday, 30 August 2021, 7:53 PM [JST]
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