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Alzahra University (Iran, Iran, Islamic Republic Of)
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Teaching academic word pairs through COCA: Does it affect the academic writing competence of medical students
Presentation abstract
Academic writing has long been a challenge for non-native students. It is well established that knowledge of academic words is a pre-requisite for writing appropriate academic texts. While words are key to success in academic writing, the most effective method for their instruction is underexplored. To fill this gap, this study compared the effect of teaching academic words, with and without their collocates, on the academic writing competence of Iranian medical students. To this aim, 32 Iranian students were divided into two groups. For both the pretest and post-test, students were required to write on an academic writing topic within the area of medicine. As for the treatment, learners in one group were presented to a sample of academic words from the Academic Vocabulary List (AVL) and asked to explore their use by checking concordance lines in the academic section of COCA. The other group was however asked to explore the same set of words by searching for their collocates and then exploring the concordance lines where the words have appeared with their collocates. While both groups improved in the post-tests, no significant difference was found between them. Implications of these findings for CALL and EAP are discussed.
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Academic words, Collocation, COCA, Writing
Application of technology to the language classroom
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Mohsen Shirazizadeh
Submitted: Saturday, 4 September 2021, 5:05 AM [JST]
Modified: Thursday, 16 December 2021, 8:05 AM [JST]
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