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Main presenter
Ms. Van LE
Van Lang University (Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam)
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Presentation title
Liveworksheet: An Effective Tool to Improve Foreign Language Enjoyment in Online Learning
Presentation abstract
Foreign language enjoyment (FLE) has brought a lot of benefits to foreign language (FL) learners in their FL acquisition process. During this Coved-19 pandemic, it is really challenging to maintain the FLE in a virtual class. This research aims to investigate whether the Liveworksheet website brings about junior’s enjoyment in English speaking. Eighty juniors at Van Lang University (VLU), Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam participated in this project for twelve weeks. A mixed method was used in combination with three data collection instruments: The Foreign Language Enjoyment Scale (FLES) and a semi-structured interview. The results indicate that Liveworksheet results in FLE. The findings contribute to research on FLE in practice and on CALL by demonstrating how to generate freshmen’s FLE in integrated skill online English classrooms in Vietnam context and offering strategies for learners to reach FLE with Liveworksheet.
Original submission
Covid-19 pandemic, online learning, Liveworksheet, Foreign Language Enjoyment, online teaching
Application of technology to the language classroom
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Van Le
Submitted: Sunday, 5 September 2021, 8:22 PM [JST]
Modified: Tuesday, 14 December 2021, 1:57 PM [JST]
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