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Main presenter
Prof. Gordon BATESON
Kochi University of Technology (Kochi, Japan)
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Creating a 4-skills online assessment tool using the Moodle LMS
Presentation abstract
In this workshop, participants will learn how to build an online tool that can automatically assess an individual’s ability to read, write, listen and speak in English. The tool will be created with the Moodle learning management system (LMS). At the beginning of the workshop, participants will be introduced to Moodle and guided how to build an online course. The presenter will also explain how to create and import images, audio, and video into Moodle. Within the Moodle question bank, students will create questions to test reading, listening, writing and speaking ability. These questions will then be added to a Moodle Quiz activity, which forms the basis of a 4-skills test. Finally, participants will try out each other’s quizzes and consider the advantages and disadvantages of this method of assessment.
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Automatic assessment, speaking, writing
Application of technology to the language classroom
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Gordon Bateson
Submitted: Tuesday, 30 November 2021, 2:20 PM [JST]
Modified: Monday, 6 December 2021, 4:05 PM [JST]
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