Plenary Speakers

The following world-renowned speakers will appear at this year's conference. For full details of their talks and workshops, click the link.

Plenary Speakers

Plenary Speaker at GLoCALL 2021

Dr. Wong Su Luan Universiti Putra Malaysia

Dr Wong Su Luan

Dr. Wong Su Luan is a Professor at the Faculty of Educational Studies, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM). She has extensive teaching experience in educational technology, teacher education and teaching methods; and regularly conducts teaching and learning related training courses for educators. She is an active and passionate researcher and has published in more than 200 scholarly papers with a special focus on teaching and learning in ICT. She is currently the Principal Associate Editor of the Asia-Pacific Educational Researcher Journal (IF=0.58) and the Associate Editor of the Research and Practice in Technology Enhanced Learning (Scopus indexed).

Presentation: ICT in Malaysian Education: Trends and Challenges

A new generation of students has entered the Malaysian education system. They are media-centric and rely heavily on digital tools to learn and play. These students are known as the 21st century learners. To be successful learners, they must have mastery of three broad skills set comprising learning and innovation skills, digital literacy skills and finally career and life skills. As we progress into a technology-based society, Malaysian educators are expected to be adequately tech-savvy to rise to the challenge of teaching the more digitally-inclined students in the present day classroom. 

Given the aforesaid scenario, Malaysia's awareness of the need to improve the teaching-learning environment with the integration of ICT is growing and progress is evident in many areas. In this talk, I will share some insights on the latest ICT trends and development in Malaysian schools and higher learning institutions. My talk will conclude by providing a glimpse of some challenges we are facing in the pursuit of nurturing successful 21st century learner.