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Your username for GLoCALL
by Thomas Robb - Wednesday, 12 November 2008, 7:56 AM
Hi everyone,

We are reaching the end of the conference and it has been a good one!

To preserve our presentations for future reference, could you please upload your presentations? Your username and password are both the same as the email address on this message -- the part to the left of the "@" mark.

If your file is larger than 2mb, you have two options:
1) Make the file smaller. This sometimes is easy to accomplish be reducing the size of the largest graphics contained within the ppt.
2) Send the file to me by e-mail as an attachment. In this case, please make sure that your name is part of the file name -- no "glocall.ppt" files, please! wink Also please mention your abstract number in the message so that I can upload it easily to the correct location on the website.

Thank you all for making this a wonderful conference!