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Shefali's presentation

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Shefali's presentation
by Thomas Robb - Monday, 14 December 2009, 12:25 AM [JST]
Dear Shefali, I found the "urban travel girl" blog mentioned in your presentation very interesting. Can you tell me a bit more about how you used it with your students and how they reacted to it? Cheers, Tom Robb
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Re: Shefali's presentation
by Shefali Kulkarni - Monday, 14 December 2009, 1:43 PM [JST]

Dear Tom,

These are the most recent activitties I have used this blog for -

Class size -12. Level - Intermediate

I printed out this part of the blog (we don't have access to the Net in the classes).

As we pr-reading task we worked on the words trajectory,self-affirming and enriching.

After the reading we concentrated on alter the way we think or how we changed or discovered something more about ourselves.

I narrated an instance when I was stuck in Dharavi (Asia's largest slum) due to a flash strike and was terribly worried at being trapped there. Then I saw a group of men talking at the street corner and approached them. They asked one of the taxi union leaders to take me to the nearest railway station and he obliged. When I reached back home I was not talking about the slum in disgust but talking about the kind people who helped me. I volunteered for  an NGO that works towards educating street children

After this, they discussed any experiences they had in their own groups and wrote a paragraph each about their experiences. We put them together and had a wall blog.

Nothing like travel—in the United States and abroad—to change a sister’s life

Think back: Have you ever taken a trip that literally changed the trajectory of your life? Or even one that permanently altered the way you think about yourself as an African-American woman–or the world?

Besides UrbanTravelGirl, I also write a blog for Today’s Chicago Woman, a monthly magazine for smart, professional women that’s very well-known to those of us living in the Windy City. In my recent “TCW Travel Connection” post, I write about “Travel as a life-changer,” or the ways in which trips—both here in the United States and abroad—led me to make self-affirming and enriching choices. As I say in the post, “Far from being a ‘luxury,’ travel is often what we need to become more of who we really are.”

I’d love to hear from you: How has travel inspired you to make big or small changes that you know will last a lifetime?

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Another part of this blog is the introduction, where she travels solo and this leads to a lively discussion in the class as women only travel to work/office and are often picked up by their husbands or fathers.