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What is an essay

What is an essay

by Molly Fox -
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Some young people are at a loss when they are asked to write an Essay. What does an Essay mean? Up to this point, their whole life has been easy and simple, but then suddenly this term forces them to get on the Internet and google, looking for the answer to the question of what an Essay is. Becoming a student, teenagers learn a lot of words and jargon they weren't familiar with before, such as Epic, Eneway, On the Sahara, Scoring, and many others. So, let's get back to our rams, meaning the term "essay", which comes from the French language "essai'', which can be translated into Russian as "essay", "check", "try", "sketch", "experience". If we open the explanatory dictionary edited by L.P. Krysin, it describes an essay as an essay describing some problems, but not in a systematic scientific form, but in a free form like handmadewriting.com review.

 An essay is an essay, a small volume, on a certain topic, which expresses a personal point of view and is written in free form, expressing individual thoughts and impressions on a particular issue or occasion.

This genre has been popular at all times, but in our time it is experiencing a second birth. This way of stating his thoughts on paper invented M. Montaigne back in the distant 1580. Nowadays, the essay is quite often offered as an assignment. Sometimes it is included in the package of documents for employment or admission to some educational institutions.


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Re: What is an essay

by Jeff Thorsen -

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Re: What is an essay

by Jake Spencer -

An academic essay is a piece of writing that is used as a form of assessment in many educational institutions. It typically requires students to research and analyze certain topics, then use the information to synthesize and summarize their findings in an organized manner.

A student may be asked to write an essay about any number of topics, such as the causes for the French Revolution or the role of philosophy in modern society. Generally speaking, essays are written from scratch by the student and may be either informal or formal depending on what is required by their school or university.