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Please upload your files!

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Please upload your files!
by Thomas Robb - Monday, 22 October 2007, 9:30 AM
Dear GLoCALL presenters,

The course area on our Moodle is now ready for you to upload your PPT files and to place links to whatever other material you might want the attendees of your sessions to access. Files of up to 5MB may be uploaded. If your PPT is larger than that, please send it to me my e-mail and I will do the honors. To prevent technical glitches, we would appreciate it if you could have everything in place by OCTOBER 30. Even if you plan to show your PPT from your own laptop, we would appreciate it if you could upload a version here for the benefit of those who cannot attend. You are free to reload it later if you update the contents.

Everyone receiving this e-mail has an account on the system which should allow you to have "teacher/editing" privileges in this course. The URL is:


If you have not accessed the site yet, your login ID and your password are set to your first initial + surname. (So mine would be "trobb", for example.)

Also, could you please check the block schedules on the site at to make sure that your presentations are all listed? In some cases, there might have been slight changes in the time and/or room:


Also, if you are only presenting at ONE site, could you please look at the schedule for the other site to make sure that you haven't been accidentally scheduled there, too? Mistakes like that do sometimes creep in. surprise

Information on access to the Hanoi University site has been recently updated. Please check there for maps and taxi information.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Tom Robb, Co-Chair
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Re: Please upload your files!
by Thomas Robb - Sunday, 28 October 2007, 9:40 AM
Dear GLoCALL presenters,

Some of your documents are now up on the GLoCALL, website but they are, in fact, only a small proportion of the total. Could you please upload your PPT and other materials as soon as you can? Please include your own surname at the beginning of each file name so that they can be readily identified.

Also, if you intend to use the on-site computer for showing your PPT or other material, could you please also send it to the following people, mentioning the presentation and room numbers of your presentation so that it can be pre-loaded for you? Just copy & paste the following line into the "To" window of your email:


While it is possible to run presentations directly from a USB device, this often causes the presentation to be less responsive to your clicks. If you cannot send your presentation in advance, please get to your room early, double-click on the file on your USB device and then save the entire presentation on the desktop of the computer. It will then run much more quickly.