About GLoCALL 2020

What is GLoCALL 2020?
GLoCALL 2020 is an international academic conference focussed on the use of computer technology for language learning (CALL). GLoCALL conferences have been held annually since 2007 in various countries across Asia.
When is GLoCALL 2020?
The GLoCALL 2020 conference will be held 6th-8th August 2020. Details of important dates are listed on the Important dates page.
Where will GLoCALL 2020 be held?
The GLoCALL 2020 conference will be held at the following venue:
Plenary and Invited Speakers
Every GLoCALL conference features plenery presentations and workshops by internationally renowned CALL experts. This year the invited speakers are:
  1. Dr. Wong Su Luan (Universiti Putra Malaysia)
  2. Dr. Deborah Healey (University of Oregon, USA)
  3. Dr. Mark Pegrum (University of Western Australia)
  4. Prof. Gordon Bateson (Kochi University of Technology, Japan)
  5. Prof. Dr. Thomas Robb (Kyoto Sangyo University, Japan)
  6. Dr. Vance Stevens (Learning2gether.net)
Individual Presentations
There are also many presentations by CALL academics and researchers from across the globe. If you wish to submit a proposal for a presentation at the GLoCALL 2020 Conference, please visit the Call for Proposals page to learn about the conference themes, the types of presentations that are suitable, and the details of how to submit your proposal.
Publishing Opportunities
GLoCALL 2020 is pleased to announce that two Special Issues will be published in conjunction with the conference. Announcement regarding the submission of papers for these special issues will be made towards the end of 2020. The special issues will be published by the following journals:
  • EJ-Online (Scopus)
  • IJCALLT (Scopus)
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