Invitation to GLoCALL 2021 presenters to submit papers to two special issues on CALL and the use of Technologies for Teaching and Learning

The GLoCALL 2021 committee would like to invite those who presented at GLoCALL 2021 Virtual Conference to consider submitting a manuscript for inclusion in the following two scholarly journals.

The Recent GLoCALL 2021 Virtual Conference was jointly organized by the Pacific Association for Computer Assisted Language Learning (PacCALL), and HELP University, Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia from 16th-18th December 2021.The conference shared knowledge, skills, and ideas on the integration of technologies and language learning in the forms of workshops, plenary sessions, paper presentations, symposia and colloquiums.

Recommended Topics
We invite papers on topics relevant (not limited) to the following

  • application of technology to the language classroom
  • localizing Internet materials to the classroom
  • using the Internet for cultural exchange
  • managing multimedia/hypermedia environments
  • e-learning, collaborative learning, and blended learning
  • emerging technologies
  • fostering autonomous learning through technology
  • training language teachers in e-learning environments
  1. [1] CALL EJ Special Issue of GLoCALL 2021 papers (SCOPUS)

    Editorial team members:
    Professor Dr Thang Siew Ming:
    Professor Dr Peter Gobel:
    Dr Gavin JunJie Wu:
    Important dates:
    Deadline for submission:
    31st March 2022
    Publication Date:
    End of September 2022
    Please submit your papers to Siew Ming:
    Submission Guidelines:
    • All submissions should be original and duplicate submission is not acceptable.
    • All submissions should conform to APA (American Psychological Association, 7th Edition) guidelines. For example, check the 7th ed. Reference Quick Guide or consult Purdue OWL APA General Guidelines.
    • All submissions should be in Microsoft Word .doc/.docx format.
    • Full length articles should be around 6,000-8,000 words. Abstract should be no more than 200 words while the number of the keywords should be within 5 words.
    • All article submissions should be accompanied by a Turnitin or similar plagiarism report.
    • All manuscripts go through a two-step review process: (1) internal review by the editors to see if each manuscript is of sufficient quality to merit external review; and then (2) external review by the editorial board members and/or reviewers to make a recommendation (accept as is, accept pending changes, revise and resubmit, or reject).
    • The editors of CALL-EJ reserve the right to make editorial changes to manuscripts accepted for publication for the sake of style or clarity.
  2. [2] IJCALLT Special Issue On GLoCALL 2021 Virtual Conference (ESCI, SCOPUS)

    Important dates:
    Deadline for submission:
    April 20, 2022 
    Guest Editors:
    AP Dr Lee Kean Wah:
    Dr Chau Meng Huat:
    Dr Priyadarshini Muthukrishnan:
    Submission Procedure

    Researchers and practitioners are invited to submit papers 5,000 -7,000 in length for this special issue on GLoCALL 2021 Virtual Conference on or before 20 April 2022. All submissions must be original and may not be under review by another publication.

    Interested authors must ensure that your manuscript adheres to IGI Global’s Submission Guidelines, which include originality of the manuscript, professional English language copy editing, APA formatting, and more. View the List of Guidelines:

    All submitted papers will be reviewed on a triple-blind, peer review basis. Papers must follow APA style for reference citations. The publishing process is fully conducted in the eEditorial Discovery® submission system. All manuscript submissions to IJCALLT should be sent through the online submission system - the eEditorial Discovery® online submission manager:

    Manuscripts submitted outside of the system will not be considered for publication.

A printable version of this document is available online from the following URL:

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