Picture Jigsaw Task

Thank you for your willingness to take part in this project.

The aim of this task is to find out how you interact with your partner in the Internet chatting. This is simply a chance for you to discuss a topic in English with another student. Therefore, this is NOT a test and you can say whatever you like without worrying about being ‘graded’.

To ensure the success of this project, it is very important that you follow the directions carefully and faithfully.

Good luck and have fun! Thank you very much for your help!



Each of you will be given 5 pictures that you need to describe to your partner in the Internet chatting in order to create a complete story.

This is how the cooperation works:

1. After receiving the pictures, please study the pictures carefully and be ready to share your understanding of your pictures to your partner. You have 15 minutes to review your pictures.

2. Share your pictures with your partner by discussion in the Internet chatting session. Please DO NOT send your pictures to your partner in any ways (file transfer, email, face-to-face communication, etc.). Doing so may jeopardize the whole project.

3. You have 60 minutes to discuss and create the complete story. Even if you haven’t finished at the end of 60 minutes, please stop. Do not close your chatting window.

4. Please type the complete story in Microsoft Word and save it as “Jigsaw-(YourSubjectCodeNo)-(YourPartnerSubjectCodeNo)”. See your login name for your subject code number.

5. Please use English only. Only when situation gets difficult for you to convey your message to your partner, you may use Indonesian language.